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Improving the landscape with new paved features and maintaining existing surfaces and structures is our specialty. If you want to improve some aspect of your driveway or backyard, we’re the team to call. Your property can look great once again, whether through the installation of new features like pillars and fire pits, or with effective stain removal and scrubbing. Check out some of our latest work projects to see how other customers utilized our services.

Mission Viejo Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Customer Issue: The kitchen was completely walled off from the dining room and the flooring was showing signs of wear.
Our Solution: We were able to create a pass-through within the wall separating the kitchen and dining room. Then, we removed the carpeting and installed marble look tiles that perfectly matched the countertops. Next, we moved around some of the cabinets to improve the functionality of the kitchen and added recessed lighting above the work areas. We installed a white backsplash and gave the cabinets a fresh coat of paint.

Craig Sparks - Mission Viejo
Paver Pool Deck Installation Near Coto De Caza CA

Paver Pool Deck Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Jackson’s had installed a pool and needed a safe and good-looking pool deck.
Our Solution: Mr. Jackson chose brick pavers because they are durable and slip-resistant. We compacted the excavated soil and filled the area with aggregate, sloping the surface away from the house. Then we installed the edging and laid the pavers onto the bedding in a basket weave pattern. We finished the project by filling the seams with stone dust and tamping the pavers.

Seth Jackson - Coto De Caza
Brick Pavers Installation Next To Ladera Ranch | Backyard Pavers Mission Viejo

Brick Pavers Installation

Customer Issue: Grass remains wet too long and the customer had a need for a sturdy walkway to avoid mud and the like.
Our Solution: Our team recommended to use brick pavers, being the most economical and long lasting paving option. The team began the preparation by marking the edges; excavating and laying a proper amount of base gravel and sand. We then installed the pavers and tamping into the sand and sealed the surface afterwards to create a more cohesive walkway.

Timothy Christian - Ladera Ranch
Water Feature Near Las Flores | Backyard Pavers Mission Viejo

Water Feature

Customer Issue: Wanted to add water features to his backyard to create an eye-catching landscape design.
Our Solution: Aiming to enhance their backyard with an abstract water feature, our team built a real stone waterfall and a small pond, using the drainage route. The result was an exquisite addition to the surrounding landscape, with the soothing sounds of the flowing water turning the garden into a pleasant retreat. The customer also said they wanted to add paved seating arrangements near it, but that’s a story for another project.

Paul Beard - Las Flores
Affordable Retaining Wall Installation Near Mission Viejo

Retaining Wall Installation

Customer Issue: Wanted a physical separation between the patio pavers and the rest of the backyard.
Our Solution: As the customer wanted to use retaining walls to separate the seating area and the outdoor kitchen from the flower beds and trees, our team built a complete “low walled” chamber made of paver bricks angled around the existing features. The result was a well defined outdoors kitchen and living area separated by sturdy paver retaining walls.

Lee Phillips - Mission Viejo
Pool Pavers Installation in Lake Forest | Backyard Pavers Mission Viejo

Pool Pavers Installation

Customer Issue: Needed slip resistant paver pool deck to avoid accidents.
Our Solution: Looking for pavers that are both attractive and slip resistant, the customer chose sandstone which is porous and thus a perfect choice for the wet environment. Our team installed pastel blue pavers and sealed the entire area to ensure the chemicals in the water do not cause any damage to the pavers.

Luis Bauer - Lake Forest
Pillar Installation | Backyard Pavers Mission Viejo

Pillar Installation

Customer Issue: The entrance to the customer’s long driveway was dark and needed lights. Our Solution: The customer wanted pillar-mounted lighting in the entrance to his driveway, so our team built them directly on the soil, starting by creating foundations, and filling them with base gravel. The pillars were built with 4 corner blocks, and wires were run along their centers before capping.

Austin Carney - Mission Viejo
Backyard Fire Pit Installation | Laguna Woods | Backyard Pavers Mission Viejo

Backyard Fire Pit Installation

Customer Issue: There was an empty space between the dining area and the spa in the backyard that needed something special.
Our Solution: Our team built a circular, gas fueled stone pit, in the area specified by the customer, with wide enough coping that can serve as a footrest for guests seating on armchairs around the pit and enjoying the evening.

Ethan Carlson - Laguna Woods
Paver Driveway Oil Stain Removal | Ladera Ranch | Backyard Pavers Mission Viejo

Paver Driveway Oil Stain Removal

Customer Issue: A guest’s car leaked oil on the driveway and left a group of major stains.
Our Solution: Because the oil deposits had dried and had been absorbed, a special cleaning solution was used to treat them. Our team sprayed the stains with a driveway degreaser, let the solution sit for a while, then scrubbed the stains with a steel brush and rinsed the driveway, double-checking to ensure the stains had been completely removed.

Christian Carlos - Ladera Ranch
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