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Walkways & Sidewalks

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Quick Expert Installation

Choosing pavers for walkways has many benefits, the installation factor is one of these. Some other materials, like concrete, will take a few days to set before you can start using it. With pavers you can begin using your beautiful, new walkway right away! They also take less time overall to install than some other types, so you can resume your busy life even sooner. Our experts are the right choice for the job and relying on us is easy.

Professional Matching Replacements

Should there ever be a time your walkway or sidewalk needs pavers replaced, you can count on Pillars & Pavers to do it right. Our professionals will find the right materials to match, remove your old damaged pavers and replace them correctly with the new ones! You can rest assured knowing you have such a great group of experts by your side ready to assist.

Protect Your Space With Edging

Having a sidewalk or walkway made of pavers is a great way to add beauty to your outside space. However, sometimes they can start to shift or start pulling away from each other. That’s why getting edging around the area is such a great idea. Edging helps keep all the pavers in place so they won’t move around over time, keeping everything looking top notch. It also helps promote plant growth around the edge of the pavers as well. When getting this done, it is important to have professionals who will do it correctly and our team is just that!

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